Wednesday, May 27, 2009


In case you didn't notice, I added a link to all of the photos I'm taking. It's on the right side of the page. That's it! I'm busy writing an 1/2 page essay about myself in French.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I don't even know where to start...

Okay. So this weekend was absolutely packed full of ridiculousness. I'm so exhausted, but ready to pour through the next 2 days of school and head out for my adventure in Italy with Anna. We're going to Venice and Cinque Terre. It's going to be INCREDIBLE. But first...I must share my adventures from last weekend. This is going to be quite the story, and I wish I was better at telling it because it's deserving of a good story teller. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those, but I'll do my best. The easiest way to do this is going to be to go in chronological order, so here we go...

I spent the weekend traveling with Scott, Patrick, and Brian again. We've become quite the group of travelers, and we work very well together. Sometimes we might get a little frustrated with each other, but that's mostly because Scott and I constantly bicker at each other. We still love each other though! Anyways, we ventured down to the Côte d'Azur (French Riviera) this weekend to see the Grand Prix at Monaco, the film festival at Cannes, and take advantage of having a place to stay with our mutual friend Nehal, who is currently taking classes and participating in the film festival. She actually lives in a smaller city of the French Riviera called Juan Les Pins. We took an overnight train from Metz to Cannes, which wasn't as easy as it should have been due to me being who I am.

As usual, I was running late with packing and taking care of last minutes pre-travels things like dinner and homework. Long story short, I almost lost my dinner to the tragedy of placing a plastic bowl on a still hot stove top. I'm lucky if I don't have lung cancer from all the plastic fumes I breathed in. I was able to save dinner though, but the bowl was long gone by the time I got to it. Did I mention this all went down about 1 hour before my train left? And my dorm is a 30 minute walk from the train station; obviously, this was not a good situation to be in. I was able to inhale my dinner (along with the plastic fumes) and finish packing with time to spare. I still have to work on scraping the melted plastic off of my stove though..hahaha! My mom would be so proud of me ;) Love you mom!

So, that's how my weekend started. It might not have been the best start, but it was quite fitting knowing my tendency of doing stuff like that. After a little bit of running, I was able to catch up with the group on the way to Metz, and we made it onto the train in time. The ride their was pretty relaxed. I was able to sleep in my seat and felt pretty good about my safety as well as the security of my belongings. We looked out for each other, so nothing was going to happen to us. The only bad thing about the trip was Scott waking me up at 4 AM as he thought we were there. Let's just say we were still 3 hours ago. It's ok Scott! I forgive you. Sorry I was a little pissy about it!

Moving on...we arrived in Cannes and spent the day in Monaco because the Grand Prix was held there all weekend. We didn't have any tickets, but with a little bit of traveler know-how and sneaking under overpasses we were able to get a great view of the race! We went around a couple different spots and even made a friend with one of the security guards. Nothing better than seeing the Grand Prix for free considering the tickets cost a fortune!

We spent a few hours watching the race, and then decided to move on to exploring the rest of the city. Monaco is an incredible mix of culture, money, fashion, and history. I thought it was a beautiful city. It's on the ocean and has all sorts of coves packed with yachts and sail boats. We encountered so many neat things from a Japanese garden to exotic car dealerships to an old fortress and palace with a village next to it. We stayed in the city/country (it's one of those places that is both) for dinner and ate at restaurant in this small alley next to an old cathedral next to the palace. I can confidently say that we did a great job with Monaco. I had a great day in the city. I can't go over the beautiful views, expensive cars, amazing boats, and historical architecture. Seeing the Grand Prix was a nice perk too ;)
The next day, we decided to do something a bit different. We on a hike up to a medieval village called Eze which offers the best view of the French Riviera. I'll be honest; the hike was quite brutal. We went from sea level to about 430 meters above where the Jardin botanique d'Èze lies. It was totally worth it. The hike was beautiful, and it only got better the higher we went. The village itself is breathtaking. I can't begin to describe how wonderful it was to walk along its narrow streets. The village was once a getaway for royal families and has one of the nicest hotels I've ever seen. It would be a perfect romantic getaway or honeymoon location. At the top of the village, there is a cactus and rare plant garden that is unlike any other garden I've ever seen. Scott came through big time by getting us in for half price with a student discount. I would really like to go back to Eze someday for a few days of relaxation. I can't fully describe how much I enjoyed being there. If you're ever in the area, you have to go to Eze. I promise you will not be disappointed. Be prepared for a bit of a hike though!

The rest of the day and night we hung around Juan Les Pins and Antibes (a nearby city). We had a chill dinner and hung out at a pub exchanging stories and people watching. The French Riviera was packed with visitors this weekend because of the Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival. There was no shortage of interesting people there to humor us.

After so much hustle and bustle, we decided to take it easy for our last day. We headed over to Cannes to walk around the city and check out its famous La Croisette (a street of beautiful beaches and high end designer stores like Gucci, Armani, etc.) and old village. Everything was super expensive! I'm not exaggerating; we found a cell phone that cost about 32,000 euros. SO RIDICULOUS

After we were done with Cannes, we went back to relax in Juan Les Pins before it was time to head out. Scott, Brian, and I hung out in the park for a while and even did a little arts and crafts project. It was fun, male-bonding time. Anyways...on to the last part of my weekend story...this is where things gets a bit messy.

Our return trip home was not exactly what we had planned for. We took a train to Cannes where we were supposed to be overnighting to Metz just in time to get back for class. Well, we get to the train station and can't find out train on the list of departures. This is incredibly weird to us. I decided to go ask somebody what was up. The response I got was quite unexpected. It turns out the French train operators or whatever decided to go on strike. What did that mean for us and our train home? Well, it meant there was no train. We were stuck and had no way of getting back. There was a train that was running an hour late to Paris that we could have tried to get on, but that was a bad option considering everybody was trying to do the same and the train went to a station in Paris that was a LONG walk away from the one that would take us to Metz. So, what were options? Well, we really didn't have any way of getting back via train. There wasn't another train we could get on and waiting for the next day was hopeless because of the strike. Flying back was out of the question as well. We knew we had to get back to school by the next morning. We had homework to turn in of course! So...we went with our last resort: driving. Yes, we drove back to Metz. Here's a link showing what exactly that drive looked like:

Nice to Metz Driving Route

The story only gets better from here. Did I mention that all this went down around 9 PM last night? We made up our minds that driving home was the best and pretty much only option. I talked with a worker in the station and learned that we had to go to the airport in Nice to get a car. We hopped on the next train, hoping that this wouldn't all be in vain. We got to the Nice airport, which was a bit of a walk from the train stop of course, and went to every car rental dealer looking for a car. We finally found one through Europcar, the last place we stopped. It was definitely a blessing. I won't get into the actual details of how we acquired a car rental; it's too much to describe, but I encourage you to ask me in person. I promise it's a good story.

So, we had a car. What's next? Well, we thought it was an 8 hour drive home, which didn't seem too bad. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm the only one in the group that can drive a manual. What is every car in Europe? ...a manual. Thanks for teaching me mom! Obviously, I couldn't make it through an 8 hour overnight drive, but we decided that I would make it as far as I could and then teach somebody how to drive when I got tired. Thank goodness Brian is a quick learner. It would be nice to be able to say that everything went well from here on, but that would be cutting the story short. Unfortunately, the navigation system was set on "shortest distance" as opposed to "shortest time." The shortest distance route between Nice and Metz is through the Alps, which is NOT an easy or quick place to drive through. Of course, we didn't figure this out until it was too late. We drove through Italy, Switzerland, and Germany on our way back. This makes us sound quite stupid, but come on what do you expect. Driving in Europe is not the easiest thing to do, especially in our situation. Also, it's obvious why Europeans don't drive. It's super expensive with all the toll booths and high gas prices. We spent 23 euros to go through a tunnel in Italy! Brian kept asking the guy why we had to pay that much, but we never got a satisfactory answer. Either way, we were determined to make it back on time and pushed on through every obstacle that presented itself. Driving through the Alps was a bit of a challenge. I had quite a stressful time trying to keep our little Fiat from flying off the edge of the road into a gorge, while also trying to force it up the mountains as I floored the gas only to continue slowing down. It was quite the adventure. I will never forget that drive.

Brian and I took turns driving all night. We were both extremely exhausted and had the help of Scott and Patrick to keep us awake.We made it back to our dorm at 10:05 AM. Class starts at 10:15 AM. Yes, that all really happened. I could share even more about the experience. But I'm exhausted now and hungry. I'm going to sleep well tonight. I'm never doing that again. Trains are my friends :) ...but not the stupid operators who go on strike >:(

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I killed my first jar of nutella (store brand) today. It took me a week and a couple of days. I bet I can go through the next one even faster.

I've been slacking on my updates...

I'm so sorry for not updating the blog sooner! I've been so busy doing stuff that I kept forgetting to let everybody know about it. I'm just going to stick to giving a brief synopsis of what I've been up to because there's too many details to write about all of them.

Last Weekend's Adventures: I posted some videos from Saturday night's activities. I can't even begin to describe how much we had at the Constellation. It's a festival being put on throughout the whole summer until October as a way of waiting for and celebrating the opening of the Centre Pompidou-Metz, a HUGE museum being built that will be the largest modern art museum in France. It's a super cool looking building! Last weekend was packed full of activities, and there will be other events scattered throughout the summer. Scott, Patrick, Brian, and I went Saturday to see 4 things: the machine dance (see video below), a Japanese electronic art show, fireworks, and a techno performance. We had a blast! We ended up walking to and from Metz that night so we got back fairly late.

Of course, we had to get up early the next morning for out train ride to Trier, Germany! We were all pretty tired. I was definitely a bit anxious about using the train system and my Eurail pass for the first time, but everything was pretty easy. We were able to travel all around throughout the day without any issues. I took a nap on the train but that's not surprising. Trier is the oldest city in Germany and has some pretty cool Roman architecture. I've actually been there before with my family. Fun fact: my dad went to Trier in 4th grade for a school field trip! I was pretty excited to go back, mostly because I just love Germany! We walked all around the city seeing things like the Porta Negra (an old Roman gate), Roman baths, an amphitheater, and a few cathedrals. We also walked along the Mosel River for a bit.

One of the funnier moments in Trier was when we ran into an American couple in one of the cathedrals. Scott somehow got to talking to them, so I went over to join in and see what was up. It turns out they were touring through Europe on their way to see their newborn grandchild. Well, the funny part of this story is that the husband had taken a picture of me moments before to show how different Europeans dress. He thought I looked super European and wanted to show others what "we" looked like! Haha, he was definitely suprised to find out I was an American. The guys and I laughed about it afterwards because I took that as a compliment of course!

Also, I made sure to introduce the guys to eis, German ice cream. For those that haven't had eis, it's like a mix between ice cream and sorbet. It might be hard to imgaine that, but trust me when I say it's AMAZING. Patrick got the 4 € spaghetti eis; it was so ridiculous. They have noodle shaped eis and put raspberry syrup on it so it looks just like spaghetti!

We covered all of Trier fairly quickly, so we decided to head over to Luxembourg City for the afternoon. Why not right? You can do that sort of thing when you're in Europe. Within one day, we were in 3 different countries! We spent about 4 hours in Luxembourg. We spent most of our time exploring the lower level of the city that's more secluded from the tourist sites. There's lots of old ruins there and beautiful paths to explore and bridges to cross. We were all so proud of ourselves for getting off of the beaten path.

That was pretty much the story of my first weekend in Europe or at least the condensed version!

Back to School: The first few days back to school were pretty normal. I made a ton of train reservations for my next month of traveling. One time, I decided to go for a run and reserve a train route at once, so I ran to the station to make my reservation. I made it there and back in time for class! I've learned a lot about the train system and using the Eurail. I always use Deutsche Bahn to find train routes and then print off or write down what I want and take it to the station. Lots of kids have had trouble making reservations, but I find that if you go alone, be very polite, and try to speak a little French then you'll be all set. Like I said, I haven't had any problems yet! I'm heading to the French Riviera this weekend! The Cannes film festival and Grand Prix will be going on while I'm there!

I had my first set of homework due this week. It's pretty easy to get work done here though because we have lots of free time during the week. I'm trying to make sure to get everything done during the week, so I can focus on enjoying my travels on the weekend. I wrote my first "essay" in French; it's actually more like a conversation but WHATEVER :P

Yesterday, I didn't have class becasue we took a field trip to the Maginot Line and Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial, the largest American WWII cemetery in Europe. My first field trip in forever! It was a good experience. I almost froze to death in the Maginot Line. It's an underground fortress and line of defense built by the French. Unfortunately, the Germans were smart and just went around it during WWII. It was very cool though and super technologically advanced. As an engineer, I was very impressed. The cemetery was a fairly somber and eye opening experience. There were so many graves. I had a lot of respect for the men buried there and was glad there lives were honored so well after death. The cemetery was very beautiful and well kept.

After we got back from the field trip, I went on an 8 mile run with Taylor around the Metz countryside. It was a beautiful route! I can't wait to do it again but that probably won't be until next week. We can't run that far everyday. Anyways, that's the update of what I've been up to. I'll keep you all posted!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I was born for techno!

Tonight was so much fun! I have so much to talk about. We went to a festival in Metz and had a great time. I'll explain in more detail tomorrow, but I have to go to bed now because we're getting up early to go to Trier, Germany. Here is a little teaser:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So much to write about!!!! it's only been a couple of days since my last update, but I already feel swamped by how much I have to write about. I'm not even sure where to start, so I'll do my best to cover what I've been up to and throw in some random thoughts about the trip along the way.

First, I've finally developed a routine for my life on weekdays. School has turned out to be quite enjoyable, which is a nice change from back home. GTL is definitely a good break from school back home in Atlanta. I really like the small campus feel it has. I have a short 5 minute walk to class that goes along a field the whole way! It beats North Avenue quite easily. However, there is a prison across the street from the dorms, but it's not very scary. I'm kind of expecting/hoping for some escapee to sprint across the field in front of it with a bunch of guards and dogs chasing after him. Maybe that's a random thought to have, but it would be a pretty cool sight to have as I walk to class. I'll be sure to let you guys know if that happens! I also like the small number of students that are here. It makes everything feel more personal. I think this will be a great break from my life over the past 5 semesters at Tech.

Anyways, classes are going well. I'm trying to avoid buying books! I checked out a textbook from the library, and I also have friends who are sharing theirs with me. Thank you to Scott and Taylor for that! Besides, I do not want to be carrying books all around Europe on the weekends! I'll just do my best to finish everything during the week. I'm enjoying my teachers, and I like my schedule. I've got a good balance of going to class, taking small breaks, getting lunch, and going to the grocery store. I think I'm going to average going there almost everyday. Baguettes are so much better fresh! My French speaking is slowly getting better. I'm so glad I chose to take the French class. It's going to add so much to my experience abroad. I can't wait to show off my French to Anna when she gets here and my family as well. I'm definitely starting to adapt to the European life style and way of life. I'm feeling more and more like a local when I go into Metz.

I started my get "getting back into shape" program this morning with a jog into town. You all will have to keep me accountable and make sure I keep up with it. I'm hoping to run every weekday and maybe once over the weekends depending on my travels. I still haven't played soccer yet! I know that's unbelievable, but I'm sure that will change quite soon.

So, that's all the boring stuff about my student life. Now on to the exciting stuff!

I went to Metz for the first time last night. I was really impressed with the city. There's so much history to it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though because that's pretty much what all of Europe is like. I'm always awestruck at how much history surrounds me as I work through cities here. Anyways, we took a brief tour through the city and around the cathedral, but the real fun started when I grabbed a box of pasts to go and walked through the city with Jeff, a graduate student, and Katia, the director of the program. It was definitely a great way to get introduced to the city of Metz. Jeff's goes to grad school at GTL and Katia was born in France, so they both had a lot to share with me! I'm so lucky to have had the chance to tour around the city with them. It's hard not to just desribe everything I did perfect detail. There are so many wonderful buildings, bridges, gardens, parks, etc. Anything you would expect in a typical European city. Luckily, I took a few pictures to share all that stuff through!

The city is gorgeous at night! All the churches light up and look incredible. There's a river that flows right through the city and restaurants and building alongs it's edge are beautifuly relfected up and down it. It truly is a great place to relax after a day of classes. I'm so excited to be able to call it my summer home. I'm beginning to feel more and more like a local when I walk around it!

I finished the night off by hanging out in a pub with some fellow students. We all sat back and enjoyed each others' company while exchanging our adventure stories to see who had the best experience of the day. It's been a lot of fun getting to meet new people here. I've made lots of new friends already. The students on the trip are great. But yeah, that pretty much sums up yesterday! Just think I still have a lot to talk about for what I did today.

Today, I finally got my French phone working! My phone number is: 0643405656. You'll have to add a few country codes to the front if you're trying to call me from the U.S. All incoming calls are free though! Feel free to give me a ring. Just make sure you know what time it is here when you're calling ;)

I decided to go into Metz again tonight because there was still a lot I wanted to see, and I wanted to share some of the things I saw with my friends! Scott, Patrick, and I spent almost 7 hours touring through the city. We saw EVERYTHING and had a fun time along the way. The highlight of the tour was definitely going into the Basilique Saint-Vincent. From the front, it's just your average, decorative European building, the kind where you look at it and think "that's cool." However, my investigative skills kicked in, and I decided to go into a small open door next to the entrance. Like it's name describes, it was more than just a pretty front; it turned out to be a huge cathedral, the second largest in Metz actually. We were confronted by an elderly gentleman when we walked in. I was worried he was going to tell us to get out, but instead he started speaking to us and soon after we were invited inside where we were introduced to his wife who spoke great English and was more than happy to talk to us about the lovely cathedral. We ended up looking around and chatting with her for at least 30 minutes! It was a truly wonderful experience. They even opened up the front doors for us to walk out of :D I think they were really impressed with us, especially considering the reputation Americans traditionally have. We were so proud of ourselves and our new discovery. I'm sure we'll be sharing that story with our friends tomorrow.

We saw a ton more things around Metz as well. Another highlight was the Porte de Allemands, "Gate of the Germans." It's an old medieval German gateway into the city that crosses over the!

Obviously, we were quite exhausted after our many adventures through the city, but we paid a price for spending so much time walking around. We missed the bus back. We decided to grab a bite to eat and walk back as opposed to waiting for the later routes to come through. It wasn't a bad walk back though. We made it from the train station to La Fayette in only 30 minutes. Oh, the train station! It's amazing. I never expected it to be so sophisticated. I was really worried about having to go in there all summer and make reservations, but now I think I'll be fine. It was almost like a small airport. I can't wait to see the other stations around Europe!

But that about does it. I'm exhaused not only from all my city exploring but from all this blogging. Until next time... au revoir!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun Facts about the Baguette

Here are some things I've already come to learn about the baguette through personal experience:

1) They are SUPER cheap! The store I go to (Simply Market) sells them for 0,29 €!
2) They last for about 48 hours before they start getting stale. Luckily, I didn't buy too many of them at once.
3) They are a great on-the-go snack. Just slap on some Nutella (...or a cheap store brand alternate that I bought. My mom would be so proud).
4) I can easily eat at least 1 a day.
5) Substitute the Nutella with a soft cheese, and you have a wonderful appetizer for dinner.
6) You look a lot more European with a baguette in your hand. It's best to carry one as often as possible in public.
7) After a little research, I've decided to approximate the number of calories in a baguette at about 700. That number seems high to me, but it's the best I can come up with. I'm not counting calories though so no big deal.

If you're interested in learning more about the baguette:

...and Wikipedia is a credible source! I don't care what your teachers or professors say. Is it better to believe a single person with a PhD who wrote a book or a collection of scholars who together develop a more objective presentation of a topic? You decide. Also, MLA came out with a citation style for Wikipedia, so it's officially legit. You can't argue that either.

Anyways...random rant is over :D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I mastered the duvet+duvet cover combo :D

So, I finally fixed my bed properly! It's pretty embarrassing to admit this, but I really messed up making my bed the first time. I had no clue what exactly I was given to make my bed. I had also never seen or heard of a duvet, so I was pretty lost and forced improvise. Let's just say I ended up turning my duvet cover into a slip cover for the mattress. I finally rectified my error thanks to Scott, who is apparently a international bed making expert. Who knew? Thanks Scott!

I'm going to brag about my ultra low cost dinner tonight. I had a baguette with cheese and ravioli pasta for about 2 euro. Natalie, Neely, and I all shared dinner and had a wonderful conversation together.

I'm still working on traveling details! I'm plan on making a visit to the train station in Metz tomorrow while I'm out running to figure out Eurail stuff. I'll also go back later that night on a tour with GTL.

There's lots of fun stuff going on! First day of classes went well!

Busy Busy Busy

I'm already having trouble keeping up with my blog! I've been so busy doing tons of things that I haven't been able to put enough time into writing about them all. I would say that's a good thing though. In order to catch things up, I'm going to do a little list of things I've done and/or learned in the past 24 hours as well as share some more pictures of the area. Here we go:

1. I bought my first pack of beer yesterday in order to pay my friend back for a pack of computer paper we're splitting for taking notes. I think that's very European of me. I bought him Killian's.

2. Cell phone plans are quite cheap in Europe, but they're super confusing and done a lot differently. It's only weird to me because I'm used to how it's done back home, which brings up a lot of interesting thoughts. I realize my trip will be a lot more worthwhile if I do my best to think like a European. Making comparisons to America won't get me anywhere.

3. The European transportation lives up to its reputation. It's amazing. Planning Eurail trips for the weekends is kind of stressful but kind of a fun puzzle as well.

4. My tentative weekend plans are: Saturday in Strasbourg and Sunday in Luxembourg. I want to take it easy and break myself into the weekend traveling routine.

5. First day of classes went well. I think I like Georgia Tech in France much better. My thermodynamics teacher has quite the sense of humor and relates well to students. I decided to drop my Economics class and take French instead! Desole, je ne parle pas Francais.

6. I'm playing soccer for the first time tonight! I can't wait to show the French what's up ;)

Here are some pictures:

Classrooms Building

Store similar to Walmart
My dorm! I'm in the Orange building on the top floor in the front right hand corner in the picture.
I was feeling a little homesick, but lucky we have our own Westin along the skyline...just kidding! It's some radio or TV station I think.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Living like a European

Day 2 has already flown by, and, once again, I've been busy since I woke up! Today we had orientation throughout the morning. We didn't really learn too much stuff but did get acquainted with most of the faculty and staff. The president of the program is so awesome! I really hope we get to spend time with him throughout the summer.

...sorry I wasn't able to finish my blog entry for today! I got caught up planning a weekend in Milan and Venice with Anna. I'll finish up the rest of the details tomorrow morning between classes.

Monday, May 11, 2009

First Day in Europe!

Today has been a very busy day! My flight went very smoothly. Riding coach wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either. I had a decent dinner and passed the time watching the movie Defiance. Saying goodbye to Anna and my family was definitely one of the toughest things I've done in a long time. This is strictly off the record, but I pretty much cried until I fell asleep during takeoff. I'm pretty sure the guy I sat next to was wondering what was up with the emotional teenage boy next to him. We were pretty awkward seat partners. The only thing I said to him was "excuse me" to use the restroom....oh well!

I landed safely at the Frankfurt airport this morning and things haven't really slowed down since. I was able to call Anna from the airport around 9:00 AM German time using Brian David's iPhone (just a little plug for Apple :P), which means she stayed up until 3:00 AM her time waiting for me. BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER!!! We hung around in the airport until the bus came to pick us up. I pretty much slept on the bus ride from Frankfurt to Metz, but my family will be the first to tell you that that isn't a big surprise. I always fall asleep whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The GTL campus is pretty cool. There's one main building for classes and then there are 3 dorms for the students. Most of us live in LaFayette, which is where I am as well. The view from my room is awesome! I live right next to a huge field full of wheat and yellow flowers. I spent most of the day moving into my room and getting everything organized. I also took a trip with Scott to Cora, the local grocery store. It was a fun experience trying to find what we needed to buy when we had no clue what the signs meant! We eventually found what we were looking for, but I'll need to go back again soon for more stuff. I made my first international purchase. Using my credit card here was just as easy as back home. They make sure it's easy to spend your money.

My room is just as awesome as the view. I have the whole place to my house. I think it might get lonely at times, but I'll also learn to enjoy the privacy. I have my own full bathroom and kitchen! I'm hanging around for the rest of the night. I have still have some more unpacking and organizing to do. I'm also trying to stay up for awhile longer to get better adjusted to the time difference. Scott and I are also working out our travel plans for the weekend. I think we're going to take small day trips on Saturday and Sunday to Paris and somewhere yet to be decided. We're going to start off nice and easy to get the swing of
things. The Eurail system is quite intimidating.

Anyways...until next time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The night before...

It's the night before I fly out. Of course, I've saved most of the packing until the last minute but that's how I am. Luckily, Anna was kind enough to come over and help me pack up all my clothes. It wasn't as difficult of a process as expected! It's now Anna, Jourdan, and me hanging out in my room. We just got back from dinner with Hamza, a goodbye dinner with my best friend, girlfriend, and sister. What could be better!

I'm probably going to stay up fairly late tonight, so I'll be tired on the airplane. Sleeping makes the trip go faster. I should probably get back to packing now though. I guess this wasn't much of an update but WHATEVER! :D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pre-trip thoughts...

SCHOOL IS OVER!!! ...although I guess I'll be back at it in a week, but I'll at least be in France!

I'm definitely looking forward to my summer abroad. I still have lots of work to do to prepare for it. Packing is going to be quite interesting considering my love for clothes. I'm going to try my best to bring as little as possible. I also have so much planning to do with where I'm going to visit! I have a few ideas of places I really want to go to though. I got my Eurail pass in today. It came with a map of where you can go, and I just want to say it's amazing! I can go ANYWHERE in Europe using the rail system. I have lots to think about.

Right now, I'm just doing my best to enjoy the time I have left with my friends and family, especially my girlfriend! I'll be flying out soon, but I promise to keep this updated as much as possible. Besides, it's not like I listen during class anyways, so I might as well update my blog :D

...btw - the new TDWP cd is AWESOME!