Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I'm already having trouble keeping up with my blog! I've been so busy doing tons of things that I haven't been able to put enough time into writing about them all. I would say that's a good thing though. In order to catch things up, I'm going to do a little list of things I've done and/or learned in the past 24 hours as well as share some more pictures of the area. Here we go:

1. I bought my first pack of beer yesterday in order to pay my friend back for a pack of computer paper we're splitting for taking notes. I think that's very European of me. I bought him Killian's.

2. Cell phone plans are quite cheap in Europe, but they're super confusing and done a lot differently. It's only weird to me because I'm used to how it's done back home, which brings up a lot of interesting thoughts. I realize my trip will be a lot more worthwhile if I do my best to think like a European. Making comparisons to America won't get me anywhere.

3. The European transportation lives up to its reputation. It's amazing. Planning Eurail trips for the weekends is kind of stressful but kind of a fun puzzle as well.

4. My tentative weekend plans are: Saturday in Strasbourg and Sunday in Luxembourg. I want to take it easy and break myself into the weekend traveling routine.

5. First day of classes went well. I think I like Georgia Tech in France much better. My thermodynamics teacher has quite the sense of humor and relates well to students. I decided to drop my Economics class and take French instead! Desole, je ne parle pas Francais.

6. I'm playing soccer for the first time tonight! I can't wait to show the French what's up ;)

Here are some pictures:

Classrooms Building

Store similar to Walmart
My dorm! I'm in the Orange building on the top floor in the front right hand corner in the picture.
I was feeling a little homesick, but lucky we have our own Westin along the skyline...just kidding! It's some radio or TV station I think.

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