Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I mastered the duvet+duvet cover combo :D

So, I finally fixed my bed properly! It's pretty embarrassing to admit this, but I really messed up making my bed the first time. I had no clue what exactly I was given to make my bed. I had also never seen or heard of a duvet, so I was pretty lost and forced improvise. Let's just say I ended up turning my duvet cover into a slip cover for the mattress. I finally rectified my error thanks to Scott, who is apparently a international bed making expert. Who knew? Thanks Scott!

I'm going to brag about my ultra low cost dinner tonight. I had a baguette with cheese and ravioli pasta for about 2 euro. Natalie, Neely, and I all shared dinner and had a wonderful conversation together.

I'm still working on traveling details! I'm plan on making a visit to the train station in Metz tomorrow while I'm out running to figure out Eurail stuff. I'll also go back later that night on a tour with GTL.

There's lots of fun stuff going on! First day of classes went well!

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