Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pre-trip thoughts...

SCHOOL IS OVER!!! ...although I guess I'll be back at it in a week, but I'll at least be in France!

I'm definitely looking forward to my summer abroad. I still have lots of work to do to prepare for it. Packing is going to be quite interesting considering my love for clothes. I'm going to try my best to bring as little as possible. I also have so much planning to do with where I'm going to visit! I have a few ideas of places I really want to go to though. I got my Eurail pass in today. It came with a map of where you can go, and I just want to say it's amazing! I can go ANYWHERE in Europe using the rail system. I have lots to think about.

Right now, I'm just doing my best to enjoy the time I have left with my friends and family, especially my girlfriend! I'll be flying out soon, but I promise to keep this updated as much as possible. Besides, it's not like I listen during class anyways, so I might as well update my blog :D

...btw - the new TDWP cd is AWESOME!


  1. Hey man, have a good time. Eurail pass rocks.

  2. Hey Josh,
    Glad to hear that you got there safely.
    Have fun! Looking forward to hearing all of your adventures. Mrs. Boynton