Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I miss about home... I'm not really super homesick at the moment, although I was pretty homesick for the first few weeks, but the weather outside is completely AWFUL! It's got me thinking about some things I miss about being back home. So here's a list of things I miss, starting with the weather of course!

1. Atlanta weather - I'm tired of how much it rains here in Metz. It's almost a daily thing. It will be sunny in the morning, rainy in the afternoon, and then sunny again. It's not very fun, especially when it's raining at the moment and I have nothing to eat but my only form of transportation is walking. Weather was great last weekend in Munich though!
2. Free water - It seems nobody in Europe keeps hydrated. There's no water fountains and not all restaurants have tap water (free) available. Some only have hot water, so you have to buy bottled water. Paris and Cinque Terre had occasional public water fountains that were like spigots in the ground.
3. Free bathrooms - It's probably because of #2 that there isn't really a need for public restrooms in Europe, but, either way, it's not cool.
4. GT internet - The internet in my apartment isn't horrible. I'm just spoiled because of Georgia Tech.
5. Cheap laundry - It costs about 6 euros to do a small load of laundry here with a not so good washer and dryer. I would love to wash all of my clothes in the ones at my house.

Clearly, it's not a very long or intense list. I truly LOVE Europe, but I figured I would do a little venting, while showing some appreciation for what I have back home. I'm not sure if I would ever live in Europe. Both places have advantages and disadvantages, and I could make my home in either place. Right now, my friends and family are in the States, so that is where home is. I definitely miss being with them and hanging out in Atlanta! However, I could learn to make Europe home as well. I hope America develops a more European culture and way of life as time goes on. Just small things here and there would make a huge impact. I would like to see that happen.

I'm definitely quite spoiled here and back in the States, so I really don't have anything to complain about. I'm learning a lot about subsistence living here, mostly because of my budget but also because I've made it a goal to live efficiently this summer. My life style back home will see some significant changes due to this summer. I'll make a list of things that I'll miss about Europe later!

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